Douna originally started as a blacksmith company named "Firma v.d. Berg & Douna" and has been operating in the field of technology for many years. The company was founded in 1924 and was located in the district of Achter de Hoven in Leeuwarden.

In the following years, the company experienced significant growth, and in 1937, V.d. Berg left the company. At that time, the organization's name was changed to "Douna Machinefabriek en Constructie werkplaats" (Douna Machine Factory and Construction Workshop).

During these years, the company expanded significantly and became a reliable supplier in various areas. Douna was a family-owned business, but in 1987, there was no successor within the Douna family, leading to the sale of the company.

Douna Machinefabriek en Constructie werkplaats continued designing machines and established the company "Douna Engineering" for this purpose.

From 1990, Douna Machinefabriek en Constructie werkplaats shifted its focus to the gas industry and became a regular supplier to customers in that sector.

In 1997, the company was acquired by a new owner who continued to focus on machine construction, and in 1998, Douna obtained the ISO 9000 certificate.

In 2002, Douna Machinefabriek relocated to the industrial area "De Hemrik," at Hidalgoweg 1.

In 2003, Douna acquired Eurometaal in Zaandam, the toolmaker of the ammunition manufacturer. The operations were continued and expanded under the name "Zaanse Precisie Machinefabriek" (Zaanse Precision Machine Factory).

Douna continued to expand and in 2004, the company acquired Logtech in Hoogeveen, broadening its market focus to include the design and production of logistic improvements in the cardboard industry.

In 2010, the various company divisions were merged under one name, "Douna Group." The companies Logtech and Zaanse Precisie Machinefabriek also changed their names. Logtech became "Douna Projects," and Zaanse Precisie Machinefabriek became "Douna Precision." In early 2019, Douna Precision ceased its activities.

In 2019, the current owner, Ale Procée, acquired the two company divisions, Douna Engineering and Douna Machinery, and all activities are now centrally operated from Leeuwarden.



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