Welding Specialties

Is it about meeting the increasingly stringent requirements of, among other things, welding for certain industries? Then Douna Machinery B.V. leads the way. As a supplier, we have an obligation to you as a customer to comply with the requirements and regulations. We use various welded connections to make or connect tube or plate material from various types of metal. 

Our company is recently certified by KIWA for 3834-2 & EN 1090-1( exc. 3) 

Welding Specialties:

Douna undertakes innovative projects for a diverse clientele. 

We work according to NEN-EN-ISO 4063:2009 standards and utilize the following basic processes: 

  • 111: Shielded metal arc welding with coated electrodes
  • 131: Gas metal arc welding (MIG welding) with solid wire under the protection of an inert gas
  • 135: Gas metal arc welding (MAG welding) with solid wire under the protection of an active gas
  • 141: Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG welding) with solid wire or rod under the protection of inert gas

Through various welding processes, we achieve the most beautiful projects.

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