Corporate Social Responsibility

Douna Machinery B.V. is a factory that has been active in mechanical machine engineering for 98 years.
With ultimate experience in prototyping various machines, with the gas industry being the largest part of our expertise.

With our in-house engineering department, we can assist from idea to assembly and production of complete machines. Nowadays, Douna connects green technologies, such as those used for future energy supply or energy storage. Moreover, precision machining, certified welding, assembly, and measurement in a conditioned measuring chamber are keywords associated with Douna's craftsmanship.

The industrial hydrogen ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands receives an important boost with the start of the WAviatER project in January 2022.

Douna plays a significant role in this project as a development partner. Together with consortium partners, we are building a 1 MW Hydrogen Production Technology for the Aviation sector and Energy applications as a demonstration facility at Eelde Airport, with delivery scheduled for September 2023.

On the roof of Douna Machinery, 1400 solar panels generate 550,000 kWh of electricity per year. That is enough to supply approximately 200 households with electricity for a year. Additionally, it saves 124 tons of CO2. With this roof, Douna provides for its own electricity needs and has the potential to supply electricity to other companies on the industrial estate in the future. Douna Machinery is located in Leeuwarden, near the center of "the hydrogen valley" in the northern part of the Netherlands.

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