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Douna Engineering

Douna Engineering offers a complete package of service ranging from problem definition or idea generation to a completed finished project.


Douna Engineering is also an expert and experienced in the area of process optimalisation.


The engineering process at Douna Engineering has the following main steps:

  • - Problem definition
  • - Idea generation
  • - Concept development
  • - Testing of concept (proof of principle)
  • - Development of concept
  • - Detail design and order specifications

Specific steps are followed in every step in order to arrive at the right solution in an effective manner.

The requirements and wishes are determined in the problem definition step through deliberations with the customer. The value attached to these requirements is also assessed in order to place them in the right sequence according to importance.

The determination is then split into main functions during the idea generation that are subsequently "developed" using the "6-5-3 method". 6-5-3 is 6 persons that in 5 minutes time come up with 3 solutions and then forward these to the next person. The various solutions are tested later against the requirements and wishes of the customer and form an eventual concept.

The preferred concept is tested on feasibility by creating a small test setup.

After a successful conclusion to the test the definite details are processed in the design and the package is ready for production.

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