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Douna Machinery

Douna Machinery builds a wide-variety of machines and devices and produces both precision machinery with a total weight of a hundred grams as well as machines weighing over ten tonnes.


We are your partner for prototype building, installations for the oil and gas industry, precision large machining, certified welding, assemblage and measuring.     


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Douna Machinery has modern production and office facilities, the machine park (machine list) is up-to-date and is maintained and geometrically adjusted each year. Our employees keep their workstations neat and tidy, which ensures a pleasant working environment.

The production areas are 7.80 metres high and house 13 overhead cranes. There is also a clean room (class 100,000/ISO8) for assembly activities.

There is an air-conditioned measuring room and the measuring equipment is kept at the optimum standard by way of a set calibration schedule.

The business agency has a modern ERP package and can as such guarantee complete traceability.

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