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Douna Machinery

Douna Machinery builds a wide-variety of machines and devices and produces both precision machinery with a total weight of a hundred grams as well as machines weighing over ten tonnes.


We are your partner for prototype building, installations for the oil and gas industry, precision large machining, certified welding, assemblage and measuring.     


Douna Machinery is already a household name for almost 90 years in machine building and builds high-quality technically tailored solutions for complex industrial problems. Many customers choose Douna as prototype builder because it utilizes its entire organization in finding optimal technical solutions. 

Douna Machinery has an extended and modern machine park as well as the following departments, machining, sheet metal, construction, certified welding, assemblage and quality control. The projects can be delivered turnkey at location. Douna Machinery is ISO 9001-2008 certified. 

We deliver in accordance with the Metal Union Terms and Conditions (Metaalunie conditions)

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