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Douna Group

The Douna Group consists of four companies that enable turnkey outsourcing of a technical project to a single service provider. We take care of the process from idea up to working machine/production line.


As every process step has its own specialism the activities are subdivided in 4 companies. Naturally, you can approach each company separately.


New 5-axis milling machine Douna Machinery

After the expansion of Douna Precisions machine park, Douna Machinery also shows a new technological masterpiece. The five-axis Ibarmia ZVH 45 extreme is being placed on site at this very moment. Douna expects that this Spanish machine will expand the capacity of Douna Machinery from September.

 The advanced Heidehain iTNC 530i unit controls a wide spectrum of tools with high precision over a bed of 3600x850mm. With the HSK-63 grips and automatic 60-piece tool station, it is possible to combine a great variety of operations with an extreme precision and speed. The highly-dynamical spindle has a 3000x800x900 (XYZ) freedom of travel and is cooled directly to machine the most difficult parts up to 12000 rpm.

 In addition to the already highly-advanced Ibarmia, Douna chose to expand the freedom of operations with a controlled turntable of 800mm and an extra “4’th axle”, that can provide an extra vertical or horizontal movement. 

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