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Douna Group

The Douna Group consists of four companies that enable turnkey outsourcing of a technical project to a single service provider. We take care of the process from idea up to working machine/production line.


As every process step has its own specialism the activities are subdivided in 4 companies. Naturally, you can approach each company separately.


About us

In the heart of Friesland, the smithy Firma v.d. Berg & Douna was founded by Spike Douna and Bertus van de Berg in 1925 in Leeuwarden. The company progressed successfully. In 1937, Van den Berg left the company and the name changed to Firma S. Douna Machinefabriek en Constructie werkplaats. The company continued expanding and it became a fixed supplier for companies in the dairy, can, chemical and paper industry.  

The editorial staff of the The Netherlands Economic and Cultural Documentation (Nederlands Economisch Cultureel Archief) described Douna Machinefabriek in the 1950s as “a blooming business with a management that demonstrates unflagging interest for every detail and with employees, who have created an excellent work atmosphere, and as a result of this deliver optimal performances".

As there was no successor the business was sold by the Douna family in 1987. The new owner also started focussing on the designing of machines. Douna Engineering was set up for this. From 1990 onwards, Douna became a fixed supplier in products for the oil and gas industry.   

The company was sold in 1997 to the current shareholder, who continued with the chosen line of design and production of machines for the critical industries. The company acquired the ISO 9000 certificate in 1998. Douna Machinefabriek relocated from the city centre of Leeuwarden to its current location in the industrial part “Hemrik” in 2002. The year 2002 also saw the takeover of the tool making activities of munitions manufacturer Eurometaal and the Zaanse Precisie Machinefabriek was founded.

Logtech of Hoogeveen was acquired in 2004. Logtech's focus was on the engineering and production of logistical solutions for the cardboard industry.   

The companies decided in 2010 to join forces and to act expressly as a group. Zaanse Precisie Machinefabriek became Douna Precision, while Logtech changed to Douna Projects. Since then Machinefabriek Douna is known as Douna Machinery and Douna Engineering retained its name.  

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