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The Douna Group consists of four companies that enable turnkey outsourcing of a technical project to a single service provider. We take care of the process from idea up to working machine/production line.


As every process step has its own specialism the activities are subdivided in 4 companies. Naturally, you can approach each company separately.



From:  NRC-handelsblad, 23 September 2011

CERN-research is turning physics on its head (maybe)

From the initial research results it would appear that there might be particles that can travel faster than the speed of light.

In itself this would not appear to have a major impact on our existence but...

If we could travel faster than the speed of light then this also makes time travel plausible. How?

You can reach a speed of 20 km an hour when running.

A jet fighter reaches a speed of 2,400 km an hour but light already travels at 300,000 km a second. When a jet fighter breaks the sound barrier, in the first instance it overtakes it own sound and then there is noise but if you would then stop the sound would come back again after this.

This would be the same for light. You reach a point that you break the light barrier and with a flash you pass your own reflection. If you would then stop and look back you would then see yourself back in time. (See following image)

Improbable? Well we thought that about flying, going to the moon and for example speech operated computers. If you watch the original Star Trek film (1979) and see how many things from that film are now part of normal every day life, then perhaps in 35 years time it will be "space, the next frontier".

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